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Major Renovations and New Lodges Slated for 2020

Can we all agree that we need a short winter?

I don’t know about you, but for some strange reason the golf

season was over too quickly and for the moment I am going to

blame it on the PGA.

Just kidding! An unintended consequence of moving the PGA

Championship from August to May - which I thought was a

great idea - was that the major championship golf season was

over in mid-July.

After rethinking all of this I realize that I was wrong, I do not

want the PGA played in May, as it condenses the season to four

months (with all due respect to the Tour Championship) and I

felt cheated somehow, or at least something akin to an empty

stomach. Too much, too soon?

For whatever reason, one season of the one major a month

schedule was enough for me and I hope the PGA goes back to

August for Glory’s Last Shot, just because it feels right. No

analytics here, just a feeling.

The other side of this is that greens are often too soft in August

at a lot of courses in America, and the heat in Tulsa and other

southern sites is almost unbearable that time of year. Those

annoyances don’t seem quite as annoying when, at the

moment, I feel like it’s the middle of January—looking toward

April and you know what —we just finished up with our

Thanksgiving and Christmas is on the horizon.


Speaking of April, Tennessee State Parks has embarked on one

of its most ambitious projects ever, and the citizens of

Tennessee are going to be the beneficiaries.

We are now in the process of renovating Montgomery Bell Lodge

and Restaurant and Pickwick Landing Lodge and Restaurant with

openings scheduled for April/May. With the properties remaining open

with full service for our present guests, we are diligently

renovating all of the rooms, meeting rooms, and restaurants

with completion in early spring.

Also, groundbreaking has begun at Fall Creek Falls State Park

and Paris Landing State Park for brand new lodges to be open in

early to mid-2021. Please go to our website at; and look at the pictures and renderings for

the new lodges.

Don’t forget, winter seems to be upon but that doesn’t mean

you have to stow your golf clubs until next year. We’re still

open for business across the state at the Tennessee State Parks

courses, and there will be plenty of good days to get out and

tee it up. We’re happy to accommodate you.


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